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Zynga Could Partner With Xbox

Boss of Facebook game developer Mark Pincus, has hinted that his company might be entering a partnership with Microsoft to see some of the more popular titles appear on the Xbox platform.

The rumour surfaced after Mr Pincus did an interview with Giga Om, discussing the future of Zynga and its games. He said that one of the big things it was working on was multi-device "back-end technology," allowing a game to be played on the PC, saved and then reopened on a mobile device or "call it up on an Xbox and you resume from the point you left off, except the game play will now be customised for the Xbox controller."

This would open up a lot of new gamers to the Zynga experience, though far fewer than the near billion users of Facebook that have the potential to start up a virtual farm at the moment.

Unfortunately the interviewer doesn't follow this up with the question, "so you're working on an Xbox partnership?" So the point is not clarified. But there's no real reason that consoles couldn't be a potential marketplace for some of Zynga's more interactive titles.

How well they would do is up in the air however, as the Playstation and Xbox audiences are a little more hardcore focused than the social gaming found on Facebook. Perhaps the Wii or future Wii U - with its touch screen controller - would be a better bet for the developer.

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