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AM News: AMD Radeon 7990 Specs, BBC iPlayer on Windows Phone, RDPClient.exe Malware Running Wild

Some specifications have shown up on a Chinese language website purporting to be those of the as yet unreleased AMD Radeon 7990, twin GPU graphics card. The latest generation of AMD and still upcoming of Nvidia graphics cards have had a few specification lists released in recent months, some accurate, some not so much.

David Price, the head of iPlayer at BBC, has finally confirmed the arrival of the TV/Radio service to Windows Phone powered devices. Although a release date wasn't mentioned, the company is currently working with Microsoft to ensure early delivery. Price stated that iPlayer services will be made available through a number of applications for the desktop and mobile world alike adding "We're working with the teams at Microsoft to ensure that we can deliver an iPlayer experience on those devices."

Used to demonstrate some of Microsoft Windows's flaws, a malware which can take advantage of the host computer has been accidentally leaked and can be found on the web. Microsoft urged Windows users to install the MS12-020 update in order to fix a flaw that affected the Remote Desktop Protocol.

Microsoft is targeting the Chinese audience once again with the new Bing Dictionary application for Windows Phone users, which comes set by default on the Chinese interface. Although ideal for English to Chinese use (or vice versa), setting the software to "online dictionary" enables an English-friendly UI and related translations.

The HTC Triumph has just been unveiled in China as HTC's first flagship smartphone that comes with Windows Phone 7.5 Tango pre-loaded. Known in the US as the HTC Titan, this model should have been a customised Chinese model that integrates local services, but as a Chinese website, WPDang, claims, no modifications were made to the operating system.