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Amazon Shows Interest In Pinterest's Copyright Troubles

Pinterest has captured the hearts of virtual sharers across the globe - however, it appears that the company has also captured the unwanted attention of Amazon. Despite the incredible popularity of the photo-sharing site amongst its users, numerous content creators are up in arms over their work being copied and distributed across the site without their permission. But with no one to deal with their complaints, they've been left stranded - until now.

Yep, Amazon has decided to wade in on the issue. Like many other startups such as Zynga and Foursquare, Pinterest uses Amazon Web Services for web hosting - and after the Artists' Bill of Rights got wind of this information, they headed straight to the online retail heavyweight to take notice of the copyright violations, as stated under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

"Amazon has now accepted that [it] will process DMCA notices concerning infringements by Pinterest members," said the site.

"We do monitor our customers with respect to DMCA compliance and will take whatever action we feel is appropriate if we believe a customer is not in compliance with the DMCA," Amazon wrote to the group.

Amazon stated that copyright holders should log their complaints by use of the online contact form.

Despite Amazon suggesting the photographers' lobbying organisation to contact Pinterest directly, the Artists' Bill of Rights disagreed: "We believe that submitting notices directly to Amazon will enhance their capability of monitoring DMCA compliance by Pinterest."

"This issue of infringement by Pinterest members is becoming ever more important due to other services being launched to profit from the infringed material on Pinterest," stated the group.

Once the teacher's pet of the Internet, it appears as though Pinterest is quickly turning into a pet hate.

Source: Tech2

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