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AMD Still Trying To Tempt With Two More FX Processors

Despite most high end users looking to Intel's Ivy Bridge platform as their next upgrade path, AMD is still plugging away with its FX line, hoping to tempt a few with a couple new chips set for release in Q2 this year.

Hinted at initially on Turkish website Donaimhaber - translation details on HotHardware - a new roadmap suggests that AMD has planned a FX-4140 and a FX-6130. The former is a quad core chip featuring a standard frequency of 3.8GHZ, though it will turbo clock up to 3.9GHZ. Level two and three cache sits at 4MB, with an overall thermal design profile (TDP) of 125 watts.

The other processor is a little more meaty, offering similar frequencies at 3.6Ghz at base and 3.9Ghz when turbo'd, but it has six cores instead of four and a more impressive 8MB of level two cache, backed by 6MB of level three cache. The TDP is the same at 125w.

So far there's only been speculation on the pricing, with each chip thought to be under the $150 mark, with the former perhaps even running less than $100. If not it will be very close.

Whether either of these will tempt enthusiasts away from Intel's more powerful processors remains to be seen - however, it seems unlikely. Current Sandy Bridge E systems outperformed AMD's Bulldozer chips at launch, with Ivy Bridge expected to further improve on that generation by quite a stretch.

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