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Boris Johnson Accused Of Hijacking London Mayor Twitter Account

Boris Johnson and his relationship with the media has always been quite the colourful exchange, but his reputation looks set to be blackened following an investigation into the Mayor of London transferring the official Twitter account into his own personal name.

As part of a bid to stay on for another four years as the London Mayor, Boris opted for the identity change on the first day of his mayoral campaign - which saw the move swiftly net him an impressive 253,000 followers. Not only did the account's name undergo a transformation, Boris also changed the account's link to the official city hall website with - you've guessed it - his own campaign website. Naturally, this sparked quite the outcry; with the UK's Labour party lodging a complaint with the Greater London Authority (GLA).

It's claimed that the Twitter profile was created and maintained by the GLA and belongs to the mayor's office - meaning that there's no way Boris could be running a personal campaign on the account.

Reports by the BBC state that according to the Electoral Commission, there's actually no specific guidelines in relation to the rebranding of Twitter accounts or the accummulation of followers, but any money spent on the account from now on must be published under Johnson's campaign expenses. The London Mayor has since tweeted, but says that the @borisjohnson account (formerly the @mayoroflondon account) will only be used for the discussion of mayoral responsibilities - which funnily enough, includes the promotion of his campaign.

Source: The Verge