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Corel's CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6 now available for £356.99

Good news for website and print designers as the software maker Corel launched the sixth version of its graphical package: CorelDraw Graphics Suite X6. The new application comes with a bundle of new features that will enhance multi-functionality.

CorelDraw Graphics suite X6 is composed of seven other programs: CorelDraw, Photo-Paint, PowerTRACE, Website Creator, Capture, Connect and PhotoZoom Pro 2, each one with specific roles.

The sixth version brings new improvements like page numbering, easier ways of changing the page layout size, a Lorem Ipsum tool which can fill any text area with predefined Latin text, new fonts, and a shaping tool capable of actions as smir, twirl, attract or repel.

"Color Harmonies" is perhaps one of the most interesting features of this version, allowing the user to set a colour pallet and then "spin" it on the wheel, changing the result without interfering with relationships between colours."

Web designers can now enjoy a code-free tool that comes with pre-loaded templates and styles, while saving any elements for later use in a nearby collection viewed by thumbnails. A built-in content finder can also help the user locate resources on the local network and other shared databases like Fotolia, Flickr and iStockPhoto.

The software is available on at the price of £356.99 if this is the first Corel product you own or, a cheaper £171.99 upgrade package that's compatible with CorelDraw Graphics Suite X4, X5 or Premium Suite X5. Unfortunately, this is only for Windows XP/Vista/7 users.

Source: PCMag