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Eventbrite ipad Hardware Reads Credit Cards "At The Door"

A new company by the name of Eventbrite has created a credit card reader that hooks up to your iPad - and when combined with an app it makes for a perfect "At The Door" venue ticket sales system.

According to the Wired coverage the hardware and app are compatible with Star receipt printers making the tablet and its little hardware additions a fully fledged till system - as well as all the other fancy things you can do on an iPad.

This allows for an extremely mobile and user friendly sales system that doesn't require an antiquated or niche software and hardware combination like those often found in traditional tills. Combined with other apps and the usual Mac computing software, the iPad is transformed into a pretty versatile tool for event organisers - allowing just a few of the tablets to be used by various staff for much of the tasks that a laptop might be useful for during preparation for an event as well as during.

CEO of Eventbrite Kevin Hartz released a statement discussing the new hardware: "At The Door transforms an off-the-shelf iPad into a paradigm-shifting tool for managing sales for events. We're essentially taking the devices that are proliferating among consumers and transforming them into perfectly-tailored tools for event organisers, at no cost, and with greater impact than anything previously available."

The real selling point for something like this however is the price. You might be surprised to learn that in fact the reader only costs $10 to US customers. A UK release has yet to be announced.

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