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Foursquare To Boost Popularity For UK Brands

In a bid to reach out to its international clientbase, Foursquare is attempting to win the affections of businesses and retailers in the UK in the hope of becoming the nation's sweetheart social location app.

Director of business development for Foursquare, Omid Ashtari, said at yesterday's London Web Summit that "there's a different perception of Foursquare over here than in the US" and promised to change it.

"Brands and users haven't got enough love from us over here. That's why I'm here, to give everybody a lot of love!" stated Ashtari. It appears that such efforts are deemed necessary, as even with the high profile of technology-centred LWS, only 23 check-ins were made halfway through the event.

It appears that the issue faced by Foursquare is a tricky one, because until more people embrace the idea of social location apps, more businesses may be on their guard in understanding the value these apps bring towards raising their profile.

However, incentives such as loyalty programmes and discounts may be the first steps in winning over the trust of these wary users. Ashtari claimed that over 750,000 businesses have registered themselves on Foursquare, gaining access to to check-in statistics as well as advertising deals in return.

"These are things which are really exciting and available for small and big merchants alike. It's just about getting the eyeballs on them. Foursquare is known as this check in and gamifications app, but we really want to change that and show people we provide real value to users."

As quite the reserved nation, it's ony natural that Britain has its reservations on such a tool. But should we wish to compete with the rest of its overseas competitors, we'll have to set our reservations aside - otherwise we'll be the ones looking like a 'tool'.

Source: The Guardian

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