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Gmail: The New Spam Filtering Option

It's one of life's greatest mysteries - why do certain emails get directed to your spam folder? Well thanks to Gmail, a new feature has been unveiled that explains the reasons behind placing it in such a location.

Yesterday, Gmail users were treated to this demonstration - simply by selecting any message and pointing it in the direction of the spam folder, with the notification of "Why is this message in Spam?" appearing near the top of the page. Giving a brief summary outlining its reasons for doing so, users are given the option to visit the "Learn More" link to view further explanations of messages Gmail considers as spam.

One user trialling the new service was writer Lance Whitney, posting on the CNET blog his experience with the spam filter. Faced with an email within his spam folder claiming to be from video-sharing site YouTube, Gmail clarified the fakery of the email with the following message: "our systems couldn't verify that this message was really sent by" However, another email declaring to be Adobe software was flagged as spam because "many people marked similar messages as phishing scams, so this might contain unsafe content."

Whilst Gmail seems to be pretty clued up in distinguishing the fake from the real, it's still a useful facility to have. Now, if only we had the same tool for real life situations.

Source: CNET

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