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HP Merges PC Group With Printer Division

HP's PC business, which in the autumn of last year looked like it might be sold off, has had its fate decided.

And while HP certainly isn't getting rid of its Personal Systems Group - which shifts the most PCs among global manufacturers - it is merging the group with the printer division. Yes, the printer division.

In what HP describes as an organisational realignment, the Imaging and Printing Group (IPG) and Personal Systems Group (PSG) are to be joined at the hip to create the Printing and Personal Systems Group (wonderfully pithy).

Vyomesh Joshi, the Executive VP of IPG, is to step down and retire as part of the move. So why has HP decided to go ahead with this particular merger? It's certainly left many industry pundits scratching their heads.

The official line is that the combination will drive innovation across personal computing and printing, and provide opportunities for cost saving. Exactly how, isn't really clear.

CEO Meg Whitman commented: "This combination will bring together two businesses where HP has established global leadership. By providing the best in customer-focused innovation and operational efficiency, we believe we will create a winning scenario for customers, partners and shareholders."

All flannel, really, and it's hard to see exactly how the pieces of the printer jigsaw and PC jigsaw will fit together to provide a meaningful picture of exactly what "innovation" HP will be driving. Not to mention how these cost savings will be achieved.

We'll be watching keenly to see what new invention HP is planning to push out that combines PC and printer, if any.