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Late News: HP to Merge PC & Printer Division, Sky Mulls Streaming TV on Consoles, Free OnApp Cloud

HP's PC business, which in the autumn of last year looked like it might be sold off, has had its fate decided. And while HP certainly isn't getting rid of its Personal Systems Group - which shifts the most PCs among global manufacturers - it is merging the group with the printer division. Yes, the printer division.

Sky is set to offer a new streaming TV service on consoles, PCs, tablets and other mobile devices known as Now TV, focusing on movies, sports and entertainment. "As the quality of the TV experience over broadband has improved, people have become more willing to consume content in different ways," said CEO of Sky Jeremy Darroch, touting the new service.

A new bill known as the "Violence in Video Games Labelling Act" is arguing that video games should display cigarette-like warnings about in-game violence on their packaging. The two members responsible are Joe Baca and Frank Wolf, who both claim that there is growing evidence that the violence found in many a contemporary title has contributed to real world aggression.

Boris Johnson and his relationship with the media has always been quite the colourful exchange, but his reputation looks set to be blackened following an investigation into the Mayor of London transferring the official Twitter account into his own personal name. As part of a bid to stay on for another four years as the London Mayor, Boris opted for the identity change on the first day of his mayoral campaign - which saw the move swiftly net him an impressive 253,000 followers.

OnApp has launched a free version of OnApp Cloud to enable enterprises and service providers to build their own public, private and hybrid clouds with a minimum of fuss (not to mention a minimum of payment). OnApp claims that the free version offers similar functionality and scalability as the full version, and is a particularly good option for those companies which want to build and test launch their own cloud services without dipping into the coffers.