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New iPad Retina Display Impressed In Testing

Granted, the new iPad comes with a much discussed enhancement in display resolution, which allows Apple to call its new tablet "resolutionary."

However, behind the enthusiasm displayed by the early adopters and the crafty marketing, there are the cold numbers of lab tests performed on the new iPad display.

DisplayMate has revealed in a comprehensive report, the new iPad deserves the praise. These tests were focused on: Screen Reflections, Brightness and Contrast, Colours and Intensities, Viewing Angles, Display Back-light Power Consumption, and Running Time on Battery.

One of the categories, where the new iPad performed under its predecessor, was related to displaying back-light power consumption.

When it comes to the brightness and contrast, the third generation iPad had a slightly lower score on contrast ratio than iPad 2, but it still is the "very good for a mobile" device.

On contrast rating and screen readability in bright light, the latest iPhone is still the highest-ranking Apple device.

Apart from these tests, the new iPad, topped all the remaining sections. Despite the users' recent complains, related to reddish patches on the lower corners, the new iPad scored high on testing.

DisplayMate concludes, after thorough tests that the new iPad has a screen worthy of the "Best Mobile Display Award".

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