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Noon News: Promoted Tweets on Twitter Mobile App, Wireless Charging on Samsung Galaxy S3?, New Spam Filtering on Gmail

Yesterday saw Twitter roll out Promoted Tweets to mobiles, following the launch of this service back in November 2010. The news of the Promoted Tweets facility was only discovered by those who were already following the company, after the microblogging service posted a 140-character update.

The next Samsung flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3, may come with wireless charging as default according to a report that emerged in South Korea. DDaily claims that the handset will have non-contact inductive wireless charging technology as default which is an evolution of the Touchstone technology found on the HP Pre which required direct contact.

It's one of life's greatest mysteries - why do certain emails get directed to your spam folder? Well thanks to Gmail, a new feature has been unveiled that explains the reasons behind placing it in such a location. Yesterday, Gmail users were treated to this demonstration - simply by selecting any message and pointing it in the direction of the spam folder, with the notification of "Why is this message in Spam?" appearing near the top of the page.

Facebook is to pay a fee of just 1.1 per cent of its initial public offering to its underwriters, say reports. According to Reuters, news that the pay would be significantly less than the standard underwriting fee occurred during a meeting yesterday where Facebook executives stressed the importance of the engagement within its huge userbase.

Even though the New iPad is capturing headlines, there's an increasing market for entry level tablets for those who cannot or do not want to drop £400 on a device that will be obsolete within a year. Bluebud is selling a £99.99 tablet (via daily deals website Mightydeals) that caught our attention because of its specifications.