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OnApp Launches Free Version Of OnApp Cloud

OnApp has launched a free version of OnApp Cloud to enable enterprises and service providers to build their own public, private and hybrid clouds with a minimum of fuss (not to mention a minimum of payment).

OnApp claims that the free version offers similar functionality and scalability as the full version, and is a particularly good option for those companies which want to build and test launch their own cloud services without dipping into the coffers. Those firms can then upgrade to full support when required, if all goes well.

The free OnApp Cloud allows enterprises to construct a cloud on Xen hypervisors with up to 16 CPU cores, without any commercial restrictions on usage.

Ditlev Bredahl, OnApp's CEO, commented: "Our mission has always been to remove entry barriers to the cloud, and the free version of OnApp Cloud is the next logical step. There are other ‘free' platforms, of course, but there are three crucial differences with OnApp: it's a technology proven in more than 1,000 cloud deployments worldwide, including hundreds of service providers; it doesn't require months of development to get production ready; and you can upgrade to 24x7 support whenever you need to."

OnApp cites the example of NodeSocket, a company which has used the OnApp Cloud to build a node.js hosting platform and community for developers.

The Founder of San Francisco-based Nodesocket enthused: "OnApp has worked out amazingly well for us. It manages all the low-level hypervisor virtualization and allows us to focus on building our node.js platform stack inside the virtual machines. Using OnApp has greatly increased productivity and efficiency in our development and beta phases."

You can sign up for the free version of OnApp Cloud here, with installation taking just a few hours on standard off-the-shelf hardware, the company claims.