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Overheating In The New iPad, Confirmed By Benchmark Tests

One of the problems related to the highly anticipated third generation iPad is the overheating problem. After many users complained about the issue over the dedicated forum, tech oriented websites performed tests on the device with the hope of delivering some answers and generate Apple's response. came up with the idea to show exactly how much hotter can the new iPad be, compared to the second generation iPad. The Dutch team performed the GLBenchmark tests on the last iPad and revealed that while the iPad 2 can reach up to 28.3 degrees Celsius, the latest iPad heats up to 33.6 degrees Celsius.

The measurements indicate that even when it is the hottest it can be, the new iPad is still in the admissible range. According to Apple's specifications, iPad's operating temperature range is from 0 to 35 degrees Celsius. Without a doubt, the overheating problem is related to the battery that is larger than the one featured by the previous model.

Also, the new A5X chip with its quad core graphics can cause the added heat in the third generation iPad. Apple probably tried to address the situation, which would be much worse without the metal heat spreader placed on top of the chip, as recent teardown of the new iPad revealed.

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