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Samsung Galaxy S3 To Come With Wireless Charging?

The next Samsung flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3, may come with wireless charging as default according to a report that emerged in South Korea.

DDaily claims that the handset will have non-contact inductive wireless charging technology as default which is an evolution of the Touchstone technology found on the HP Pre which required direct contact.

Back in 2011 at CES in Las Vegas, we were given a brief overview of a similar technology courtesy of Qualcomm called Wipower which did not require direct contact and could charge devices via induction from a distance.

And coincidentally, Duracell used a Samsung Galaxy S2 as a prototype to demo the Powermat WiCC & NFC platfom at this year's Mobile World Congress in February.

Samsung is unlikely to can the traditional power plug altogether but it is likely that a USB wireless charger will be a popular accessory. In addition, since the induction system can also be used as an NFC antenna, we wouldn't bet against the Galaxy S3 being NFC-enabled like the Galaxy Nexus.

Other rumours that have surfaced regarding the impending launch of the Samsung Galaxy S3 include a May release date at a Samsung Unpacked event, a March release date (that never happened), a 4.8-inch Full HD screen, a quad core processor (either a Tegra camera,3 or an Exynos 4412), up to 2GB RAM, a 2250mAh battery, a 12-megapixel camera and a ceramic case.

Source : DDaily

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