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Samsung Galaxy S3 Could Be Launched In April (Part 2)

The Galaxy S3 which is set to be the next flagship smartphone from Samsung Mobile may be launched in April rather than in May according to the president of Samsung Greater China, Kim Young-Ha at a press conference.

Korean news outlet Maeli Business News cites the date without providing with more details. It is the second time that the Galaxy S3 is said to be launched in April, a date that has already been denied by Samsung itself.

The phone did not launched at Mobile World Congress in February as Samsung may have disliked the idea of launching its flagship handset amidst a flurry of other announcements.

It did not launch the phone in March at a Samsung Benelux event as many had thought and there's seemingly no end to the list of rumours that surrounds the smartphone which is set to be the main rival to the iPhone 5 when it launches.

So, the next launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is now set to be the 22nd of May in London according to the latest rumour (although April was also mentioned).

Others include a leaked picture of the S3 courtesy of Reddit, the fact that the S3 will come with wireless charging, with a ceramic case, a quad core processor from Samsung (rather than from competitors) and a 4.8-inch full HD display.

We suspect that the S3 is the reason why the price of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has fallendown so quickly and why Samsung decided to can the 32GB version of the device.

Source : Maeli Business News

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