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Security Expert Warns Of Cloud Complexity Issues

While the world and his dog are keen to jump aboard cloud computing with remote gaming as well as work now possible, some are warning against too much too fast as there are issues people might not be considering.

Fudzilla has a report by Bryan Ford at Yale University that says the cloud is quite a complicated system and that inherently, this will lead to unexpected failures. He then went on to outline certain sitautions where these sort of problems might arise.

One example was when third party application providers are running simultaneous tasks on the same system: they might have programmes that run on the same refresh period. When these coincide, they begin sending the load between the servers in a feedback loop.

"This simplistic example might be unlikely to occur in exactly this form on real systems-or might be quickly detected during development and testing-but it suggests a general risk," Ford added. He clarified that it was likely most cloud servers would operate perfectly fine when there was a single system involved, but it was when multiple users began operating multiple applications that problems could become much more common.

Concluding his throughts on the matter, Ford finished by saying: "We should study these risks before our socioeconomic fabric becomes inextricably dependent on a convenient but potentially unstable computing model."

Exactly. What he just said.

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