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Sky Plans Streaming TV On Consoles

Sky is set to offer a new streaming TV service on consoles, PCs, tablets and other mobile devices known as Now TV, focusing on movies, sports and entertainment.

"As the quality of the TV experience over broadband has improved, people have become more willing to consume content in different ways," said CEO of Sky Jeremy Darroch, touting the new service.

A move like this from the TV provider is a bid to stay relevant as more and more people gain access to on-demand services like iPlayer and 4oD, many of which are already available on the consoles as well as online. Netflix is also stepping up the game and the BBC's plans for a download and keep it, iTunes rival offers even more competition.

That said, with the increased usage of tablets and smartphones, the marketplace for such services is growing rapidly. Something that Sky is keen to exploit.

"This presents a great opportunity to distribute our programmes which wasn't there even a year or two ago. With the long-awaited explosion of connected devices now upon us, this opportunity is only going to grow. And it's something we believe is highly complementary to our existing service," Mr Darroch added.

"Today, we know that around 13m homes don't yet take pay TV from any provider. So we can reach out to them and offer them another way to access and watch our content."

Expected to launch later this year, MCVUK has it that Sky Now TV will offer a subscription and pay per viewing model.

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