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Sony Leadership Shake Up In US

Sony America is having a switch up of its leadership in preparation for the changing of the chairman guard, with more power going to Japan and individual divisions.

As part of the move, chairman of Sony Pictures Entertainment Michael Lynton and Japanese general counsel Nicole Seligman will both be gaining extra administrative powers. This is linked with Howard Stringer handing over to the new chairman, Kazuo Hirai, who is expected to put more effort into turning around the poorly performing Japanese electronics divisions.

The Financial Times has it that Sony is set to make the formal announcements next week with new titles being handed out to certain higher ups. Seligman is expected to become president of Sony America, while Lynton will take control of Sony Music as well as the publishing arm, Sony ATV.

While Sony's entertainment divisions have been doing well in recent years, its Japanese electronics arm has been less impressive. The mobile phone venture with Ericsson proved to not be too profitable once smartphones began to be the dominant handset choice for consumers. However, with a reshuffle and Sony now in the driving seat - owning 100 per cent of that venture - it seems the Japanese firm has a chance to turn things around.

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