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Student Loans Company Leaks 8,000 Email Addresses

Student Finance England, a government quango (and subsidiary of the Student Loans Company), has unleashed a major security leak.

Staff managed to somehow include the email addresses of no less than 8,400 students in a mailshot, for all to see. This was apparently caused by an administrative error.

Who knows where those email addresses will end up, but there's every chance that spammers or worse still, cyber-criminals, might try to make use of them. A list of indebted students could prove ripe for targeting loan offers, for instance.

Naturally, Student Finance England issued an apology, and also assurances that it was only the email addresses which were leaked, and no other personal details.

The Inquirer noted that a statement read: "We are sorry that a number of student email addresses have been included in an email which has been sent to other customers. The information was sent in error and only included email addresses, no other personal student data was shared."

Chris Andrew, Company Secretary of the Student Loans Company added: "We would like to apologise to those customers whose email addresses were disclosed to other students."

"The Student Loans Company takes the security of student accounts and the protection of personal information very seriously and we have strict procedures in place to protect customer details. We have now launched our own internal investigation into the causes of this breach."

We suspect the Information Commissioner will be looking into the matter, too.