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Twitter User Who Sent Racial Abuse To Stan Collymore Sentenced

Lately it seems that footballers and Twitter don't make for the healthiest of relationships - as we discovered earlier this week, with the Fabrice Muamba trolling incident. However, it appears that one Twitter user has hit a new low, and has learnt the hard way that abusing his Twitter privilege could see him on the wrong side of the law.

Today saw 21-year-old Joshua Cryer sentenced to two-years community service, as well as an order to pay £150 in legal costs. The law student from Newcastle University made the original claim that his Twitter account had been hacked, but was spared the prospect of jail after pleading guilty to the offence.

Newcastle Magistrates' Court heard how Cryer had hoped to provoke a reaction from the former England striker, notorious for his efforts in campaigning against racism in football.

Cryer's arrest came after Collymore reported the incident to Staffordshire police, who then passed the matter on to Northumbria officers.

Passing the sentence, District Judge Stephen Earl told Cryer that he had been "foolish, immature and pathetic". He stated: "You know that this conviction will have a dramatic effect on your job and career prospects, but you put yourself here and you have to man up to that reality.

"I don't doubt you are not an inherently racist person, but you did act in an intentionally racist way. You intended to get a rise out of Mr Collymore. He has made a justifiable and reasoned stance against you to the point where you shut down your Twitter account.

"I find it difficult to fathom what on Earth you thought you were doing. It was stupid, and you ought to have known better. You were a legend in your own head in this attention-seeking moment."

Hopefully this case as well as that of Fabrice Muamba will lead by example, and demonstrate the severity of social networking crimes.

Image Credit: TalkTalk

Source: The Guardian

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