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Angry Birds Play Park coming to UK

Following China's unofficial move last year, where organizers created an Angry Birds theme-park, Rovio officials team up with equipment specialist Lappset Group to build and maintain activity parks that mimic elements of the game.

Officials claim that these parks will feature a range of swings, slides and other fun-interactive elements, without anything being thrown at participants. For example, there will be a tunnel through which people will have to run at a minimum speed, to avoid being sprayed with water. Cuddly toys and clothing will also be sold inside the park.

Those who only want to enjoy the mobile version of the game can also do it inside the park's borders, where interactive content, large screens and exclusive downloads will be available.

While everything seems playful and nice, these parks also have a difficult side: maintenance and safety issues.

Angry Birds play parks will arrive around the world, the first one being opened this summer in Finland while the second will be seen in UK.

Angry Birds was released back in 2009 by Rovio and has gathered over 10 million downloads and over eight episodes: Poached Eggs, Mighty Hoax, Danger Above, The Big Setup, Ham Em High, Mine and Dine, Birdday Party and Angry Birds Space.

It's compatible with almost every mobile operating system out there, including iOS, Android, PlayBook OS, Bada OS from Samsung and Windows Phone. The game was also rumoured by NVidia to come in 3D flavours in the future.

Source: BBC