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Apple Brings Enhancements To Siri

The much talked about digital assistant from the latest iPhone is still under training but its enthusiastic users are ready to applaud every new level Siri reaches.

Now, with the release of iOS 5.1, Siri gets modest updates, including support for Japanese language. Siri can prove its helpfulness to users who speak English (United States, United Kingdom, Australia), French (France), German (Germany) but "she" (or "he", depending on the user's location) still has issues with some local accents.

In addition, Apple promised to include Siri support for Chinese, Korean, Italian, and Spanish, sometimes this year.

Another Siri improvement that comes with the new iOS version is better Yelp integration. Now, users can not only perform local business searches, but they can instantly access the Yelp business profile page.

The feature is particularly convenient when looking for the nearest restaurants and Siri displays the user ratings and comments directly from Yelp. Now, browsing through the list is not only much faster but Siri also provides more information, which makes the selection more accurate.

Like a helpful assistant, Siri informs the user about the best restaurant recommendations, reviews, quick tips, hours of operation, address, phone number as well as photos.

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