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Apple Store Pickup Unavailable In Many US Locations

The massive demand for the new iPad generated stock problems in many Apple Stores, according to reports. Without a doubt, this is the cause that makes one Apple initiative good in theory and futile in reality.

The pick-up option, aiming to offer more convenience for customers who prefer ordering devices online and picking up the devices at the nearest store, is unavailable in most US stores.

The situation has been undergoing since last Friday, according to a recent AppleInsider report. First, the pick-up option disappeared, as reported by many confused users and days later, even when Apple re-enabled in-store pickup on its website, users couldn't find any available stores.

The massive demand for the record selling new iPad was bound to produce effects on the retail chain. According to Apple's official numbers, the third generation iPad sold 3 million units in the first weekend of availability, which is three times more than analysts presumed the iPad would sell in the launch weekend.

Senior Vice President Philip Schiller described the "strongest iPad launch yet" as a true blockbuster. Understandably, Tim Cook declared himself to be "thrilled" with the new iPad's performance on the market.

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