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British Falling Out Of Love With Facebook And Apple

Despite the Apple fanboys turning out in droves to pick up the new iPad recently, a new survey by Marketing Magazine (results posted on Fudzilla) has said that in reality, the British punters are getting a bit bored of Apple - and Facebook too.

According to the 2,000 quizzed, over 20 per cent claimed that they were bored with Apple's latest efforts,and 40 per cent claiming indifference to Apple products in general. They put this down to a too rapid release cycle, with not enough major changes being made between editions - making them undeserving of a new purchase.

They also cited the fact that buying the latest gadget was often a waste of time, as a new version was so speedily released, or a competitor's product would overtake it in short order, giving a consumer no chance to enjoy having the best available.

On top of the bored lot however, there was also over 160 that said Apple products in general were pretentious. One hundred and twenty people said they loved the fruity firm though and its products were cool.

When asked about Facebook, over a quarter said they felt their lives would be better without the social network.

There has certainly been a rise in conversations that begin with, "I saw X on Facebook," making it often the topic of conversation without it having anything to do with the subject matter.

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