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Congress Probes iOS App Developers On Privacy

Over in the US, Congress is gathering further information on iOS developers and how they deal with and implement privacy policies.

The Next Web got hold of a letter from Congress which had been sent out to Tapbots, along with some 32 other iOS developers, including both Twitter and Facebook, and the devs of Path, SoundCloud, Foodspotting and

The apps were picked due to the fact that they come under the social networking umbrella in the "essentials" area of the App Store.

The letter begins: "We are writing to you because we want to better understand the information collection and use policies and practices of apps for Apple's mobile devices with a social element."

What follows is a series of eight questions designed to gather more details regarding the popularity of the app in question, and the privacy policy it holds to (and how it's made known to users).

There are also several specific questions regarding whether the developer's app has ever transmitted information from (or about) a user's address book, or stored information from an address book - and if so, the developer is asked to name which fields.

As TNW notes, given those particular questions, this is likely a further follow-up after the letter Congress sent to Apple regarding the Path app, which was uploading address book data to its servers without the iPhone owner's permission.

The deadline for replies is the 12th of April.