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Egnyte HybridCloud File Sharing For Enterprise Launched

Egnyte, a provider of hybrid cloud file server solutions, has just announced the availability of its HybridCloud File Sharing for the Enterprise product.

This solution is designed to be a simple and scalable affair to facilitate sharing and collaboration in an enterprise environment.

Egnyte notes the increasing trend towards the mobile-toting workforce who use their own devices to increase productivity in the workplace, but also the fact that this creates a security risk and a potential loss of control over business data.

In short, it's a headache for IT departments, and this is a sector Cisco has seized upon, as we heard with the company's expansion plans yesterday.

Rob Enderle, Principal Analyst for the Enderle Group, commented: "IT executives are deeply concerned about the increasing trend of employees bringing in their own devices and using unauthorized cloud services to access and store sensitive data. This creates a nasty situation where IT can't do their job of securing corporate information because users are bypassing them."

"What is needed is a product like Egnyte's Hybrid Cloud which provides a bridge offering covering the ease of use that users are seeking while addressing the security and management requirements a well-run company requires."

The hybrid cloud approach allows the enterprise in question to maintain control of their data behind a firewall, but always allowing remote and mobile access to that data. Secure access is ensured via a number of security solutions, including integration with Sophos SafeGuard, which gives businesses complete control over data encryption keys.

Piotr Malinski, Head of IT for Semperian, a company which uses the system, said: "We had been using traditional file servers for all of our file sharing needs, but when it came time to replace we wanted to thoroughly explore our options."

"Being a financial services company, it was critical that we had enterprise class security in a solution that allowed all our employees to efficiently access large files, whether they were in one of our 15 sites, or working remotely.

"A pure public cloud offering just didn't fulfill our needs, and that's why we turned to Egnyte and their hybrid cloud offering. We have fast, secure behind the firewall access with the flexibility of the cloud, all at one third the cost of a file server."