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France Gunman Suspect Tracked Through IP Address

Police authorities in France successfully managed to trace the whereabouts of the gunman who allegedly shot dead seven people during a two week killing spree - thanks to an IP address.

Undertaking a murderous massacre in the name of Al Qaeda, 24-year-old Mohamed Merah was suspected of killing three children and a rabbi at a Jewish school in Toulouse on Monday as well as shooting three French soliders between March 11 and 15 - however, a news update has since revealed that the 'scooter shooter' was shot dead in a shootout earlier today.

According to reports, the gunman was located with the IP address he used to message the first soldier he shot, expressing an interest in purchasing his motorcycle. Using his mother's computer, the IP address came to the attention of the French authorities because of his alleged radical Islamist beliefs.

With a standoff lasting more than 32 hours, the ordeal eventually came to an end after Merah took his own life by jumping out of his bathroom window.

"The killer came out of the bathroom, firing with extreme violence," said French interior minister Claude Gueant, adding that the squad carrying out the raid had "never seen an assault like it."

Despite every effort to capture him alive, negotiations on Wednesday fell flat - and after police enduring a shootout resulting in the injury of two officers, Merah jumped to his death.

Merah's lawyer, Christian Etelin, said the strategy undertaken by the police "could only push [Merah] straight towards being hardline and wanting to die with weapons in his hands."

"I would have liked for everything to have been done to understand how he could have undertaken such a process of dehumanisation ... this is a missed opportunity for understanding of human beings."

Image credit: Firstpost

Source: ABC News

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