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HP Z1 Workstation Range Launched, But No Touchscreen

HP has unveiled its new Z1 all-in-one workstation range, but despite everything touch-related being pushed hard with Windows 8 on the horizon, there'll be no poking your way around the Z1's display.

The machine is, however, an impressive looking piece of work. The spec includes a capacious 27 inch 2560x1440 LED backlit display, to make it suitable for CAD, animation work and the like. That's backed up with 16-core or 8-core Intel Xeon processors, Nvidia Quadro graphics and 32GB plus of system memory, with up to 11TB of storage.

It's certainly no ordinary all-in-one computer, and the machine also opens up to reveal the innards, allowing for components such as disk drives to be easily switched.

The price tag reflects all this, starting at £1340 as a baseline and moving swiftly upwards, but even that sort of dough doesn't get you a touchscreen here.

Jim Zafarana, VP and General Manager for HP Workstations, told IT Pro that high-precision touchscreen tech is simply too expensive to consider deploying to the enterprise market at this stage.

Zafarana noted: "The business user needs a professional touch experience and the market is not quite ready to have the precision pen and multi-touch in an affordable package. We're looking to incorporate the technology into our long-term roadmap when there is an acceptable price-point for customers."

Yesterday, HP made a surprising move with its PC business, merging the division with its printer group. Quite what that'll mean for future computers is unclear, but HP has promised some manner of innovation, and cost saving boons.