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iPhone 4 Self-Combusts During Overnight Charging

According to a recent incident, iPhone 4 owners should avoid recharging their smartphone overnight because it could catch fire.

One user, a 51-year-old woman from Colorado who wished to remain anonymous, explained that her iPhone self-combusted while charging. At the time she was on her way to the East Coast and put her phone to charge overnight, placing the device 12 to 14 inches away from her head.

Very early in the morning, the woman was awakened by a strange smell and heard "sizzling" and "popping" noises. Seconds after she realised that the cause was the iPhone 4 which suffered "not quite an explosion, but an immense crackling," and filled the room with smoke.

She was clearly scared by the incident, but so far she said that she doesn't intend to sue. The unlucky user only wants Apple to acknowledge the issue and to warn other users to keep an eye on their iPhones. Her main concern is to keep other iPhone owners safe.

"It's so important for me to have people know about this," she explained to Mashable. "They [Apple] are giving me the classic corporate runaround, and I understand and respect that. But people knowing about this is the most important thing to me."

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