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iPhone 5 Expected To Come With A 4.6-inch Retina Display, Says Reuters

When we're having fun with the rumour mill that spins around the most anticipated devices, we quickly get wind of another. Now, we have a new one to add to the pile of high expectations: the sixth generation iPhone will feature an 4.6 inch Retina Display.

The information comes from Maeil Business Newspaper, reported by Reuters. The South Korean website quotes an anonymous source with knowledge from inside Apple's supply chain. The report suggests that Apple already is looking at Samsung and LG as the most likely suppliers for the new display.

The two South Korean tech giants have worked with Apple in the past, and they even won the partnership for the new iPad high-end displays. However, Samsung and LG officials were reluctant to confirm or deny the information when asked by Reuters.

For Samsung, accepting an Apple order for a large iPhone display would mean sending the rival components for a product that would be in direct competition with one of its own. The flagship smartphone in the Android army is Samsung's Galaxy S II and it features a 4.6 inch high resolution display.

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