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iPhone 5 To Have 1,200 by 800 pixels Display?

If Apple is to stick by its retina display label and increase the screen size of the next iPhone from 3.5-inch to 4.6-inch, it may have to adopt a much higher resolution, possibly 1,200 by 800 pixels which is 25 per cent higher than the current 960 by 640 pixels.

To maintain the same 326ppi pixel density as the iPhone 4S, Apple will need to go for a more exotic resolution (1,248 by 832 pixels) which computes to just over one million pixels. Apple however may argue that a bigger screen means that the phone can be viewed from further.

The report by Maeil Business Newspaper claiming that Apple could go for a much bigger display would be the first big physical change for the iPhone since its was launched back in 2007. The original iPhone (and subsequent ones) having settled for a 3.5-inch screen.

The new iPhone 5 is likely to be the next big launch for Apple and may take place earlier than October - depending on market conditions; previous iPhone launches normally took place in June.

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