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iPhone 5 To Have A New Bonding Feature

Now that we've finally been introduced to the new iPad, the rumour-mill can shift to another topic; what could be more appropriate, than to buzz about the upcoming iPhone.

This is considering that we can draw some conclusions, relating to the iPhone 5 after analysing technical specs and features of the new iPad. Putting together what we can anticipate about the rumoured iPhone 5, we can expect that the device to feature support for LTE or dual-carrier, a better camera and an even a larger screen.

It has been rumoured that we should expect that the iPhone is to gain some strength, out of some intriguing Apple patents. The Cupertino based company is working on an ultrasonic bonding technique, for the metal components.

Apple engineers have been looking for a solution on this matter for five years. Now, the new iPad reveals that Apple refined the process and we should expect the company to make the best out of this solution, for the new iPhone.

Patently, Apple describes the new technique pointing out that it is cheaper and more secure. "It is an advantage of Apple's present invention to provide for the ready and secure attachment of plastic items to metal items without requiring the use of an adhesive."

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