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iPhoto Sells Over 1 million Copies in 10 days

Apple's latest image editing software used by iPad and iPhone owners has been selling in large numbers, with over 1 million copies being sold in less than ten days. Moreover, these numbers express how many users (not downloads) have been registered by Apple servers.

Considering the fact that one user could register multiple devices and download the program on several gears, this number is more than encouraging.

iPhoto is an application launched ten days ago, next to other editing services like iLife, iMovie and GarageBand, during the same event where Apple unveiled the new iPad.

It basically relies on touch gestures and comes with smart content browsing, auto-enhancing, professional quality effects, brushes, image transfers between compatible devices using "beams", photo-journals and most of all, multi-touch editing.

At launch, Philip Schiller (Apple's senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing) predicted that: "With the introduction of iPhoto, we've brought the entire suite of iLife apps to iOS and users are going to love it". Ten days later, the last part of the quote was proved.

iPhoto is a redesigned version for iOS of Apple's popular photography application, which takes advantage of the high pixel density display and multi-touch gestures.

It's simple to use and even allows sharing between Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and email accounts. The iPad version is compatible with images up to 19-megapixels and costs only $4.99 in the App Store.

Source: LoopInsight