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Late News: Angry Birds Play Park in UK, New iPad is Data Hungry, Windows 8 Releasing October?

Following China's unofficial move last year, where organizers created an Angry Birds theme-park, Rovio officials team up with equipment specialist Lappset Group to build and maintain activity parks that mimic elements of the game. Officials claim that these parks will feature a range of swings, slides and other fun-interactive elements, without anything being thrown at participants.

Anonymous sources aware of Microsoft's release schedule state that developers will finish programming Windows 8 this summer, and that the operating system should launch in October this year. Also backed up by Lenovo officials who trust their future tablets will arrive in the same month, October could be just in time for the Holiday season; Microsoft should have plenty of time delivering the software worldwide until the shopping spree begins.

Despite the Apple fanboys turning out in droves to pick up the new iPad recently, a new survey by Marketing Magazine (results posted on Fudzilla) has said that in reality, the British punters are getting a bit bored of Apple - and Facebook too. According to the 2,000 quizzed, over 20 per cent claimed that they were bored with Apple's latest efforts,and 40 per cent claiming indifference to Apple products in general.

Two of the world's tech giants, Samsung and Research in Motion, has just discovered that sometimes using LOL-worthy emoticons is no laughing matter. The two companies were accused of infringing an "emoticon input method and apparatus" patent. The accusation comes from Varia Holdings Inc., a company that employed a menu allowing users to choose from a variety of emoticons instead of letting them type in the characters.

The third generation iPad with its support for 4G hit the shelves several days ago and the early adopters found out how costly the device can be. "Brandon Wells got the new iPad last Friday, started wirelessly streaming March Madness games the next day and by Saturday night was out of gas," exemplifies a recent Wall Street Journal report.