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Microsoft welcomes Thom Gruhler, fires Sean Carver & Eric Hadley

Microsoft fired earlier today two of its executive producers, Sean Carver & Eric Hadley, on violation of the company policies, while Thom Gruhler found his way into the company, as the new CVP of a Windows Phone department.

Bing's marketing department now lacks two important people: Eric Hadley, general manager of marketing and Sean Carver, director of consumer marketing. Both of them were investigated and later on found guilty of violating company policies related to mismanagement of assets and vendor procurement.

Both of them were present at the Sundance Film Festival in 2012, when a Bing documentary shot by the two was awarded. Until replacements are found, GeekWire reports that Mike Nichols, a general manager at Microsoft, will be filling in.

On the other side of the coin, Thom Gruhler has now been appointed as the Corporate Vice President of Windows Phone Marketing. Gruhler's previous working experience include a global managing partner position at McCann Worldgroup's Telecom & Technology department and a leading role for Verizon's "Can you hear me now?" marketing campaign. MasterCard and Sony Ericsson are also a part of his resume.

Microsoft announced through a press release that Gruhler will conduct advertising, marketing and communications activities within the Windows Phone division, while collaborating with product engineering teams and telecom partners.

Thom Gruhler came to replace Achimb Berg, Windows Phone's former CVP, and will report to Terry Myerson from now on.

Source: Zdnet (opens in new tab), GeekWire (opens in new tab)