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Most Mobile Games Are Played At Home

According to new survey data collecting opinions from some 15,000 Americans, the overwhelming majority plays games on their mobile phone while at home, half of them doing so in bed.

Most would have said that the main selling point of gaming on smartphones and tablets was that you could do so while out and about. However, it now seems like it could be more to do with the ability to pick up and play wherever you are in your house. According to the data by MocoSpace (posted on TechCrunch) 96 per cent of those quizzed play a game on their smartphone at least once a day.

There were a few other popular locations, most commonly when waiting to do something else. 83 per cent said that they played while waiting for an appointment and 72 per cent while commuting to work.

Weirdly - from a personal perspective - only five per cent said they did so while in the bathroom. Unless you've got a book handy what else are you doing? Just me?

These stats tell an interesting tale that perhaps it's not necessarily the mobile nature of the smartphone games, but their ease and accessibility. Being able to pick up a small piece of hardware you always carry with you and play for a few minutes is exactly what a lot of people are looking for.

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