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New iPad Apparently Has Some Charging Issues

Apparently, the new iPad, apart from its impressive features, also comes with some challenges for the users. The last reports on this matter come from some users who have trouble recharging their third generation iPad while running specific apps or playing games.

Consumer Reports performed tests on the new Apple tablet to check out the recently reported heat problem. On the same occasion, the team noticed that "the new iPad wasn't charging while the game was running and it was plugged in. In fact, the battery continued to drain. It charged normally, however, when we weren't running a game."

Reports form Gizmodo Australia confirm that the new iPad has a charging problem "when it's pushed to its hardware limit." The technical oriented website also suggests that there is a reasonable explanation for this.

While the new iPad delivers the same battery life span as its predecessor, the device also needs a 70% larger battery to power its high-end functions.

As its users noticed, the new iPad needs more power than the charger supplies. Consequently, the heavy use while attempting to charge the device is not advisable. However, this cannot be defined as a serious problem.

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