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Newegg Jumps The Gun And Shows Whole Nvidia GTX 680 Lineup

Popular US e-tailer Newegg has got a little excitable with the upcoming launch of Nvidia's GTX 680 graphics cards, publishing the entire lineup temporarily last night.

Each major retailer was represented with Asus, Galaxy, Zotac, EVGA, Gigabyte, PNY and MSI all having offerings on the site. Interestingly though, the final company in that list had a card that was out of stock, while the others were ready for order.

The listed specifications for the cards were the same across the board, with a GPU clock of 1006Mhz (mirroring AMD's line of 7000 series cards which features a "Ghz Edition") and an effective memory clock of 6000Mhz. This is a good 500-600Mhz above the average 7970 GPU.

Other leaked specifications include the shader clock of 2012Mhz and the fact that there will be 1536 stream processors. Onboard memory is 2GB, twinned with a 256bit interface. These stats back up claims made in a leaked review a couple of days ago.

Prices for the card were all around the $500 mark, with the cheapest being the Asus model at $499.99 and the most expensive the PNY costing $534.99. In a fair fight this would have the GTX 680 costing just over £300 when it lands in the UK, but expect it to be a bit higher than that because everything costs that bit more here.

For a full rundown image of the leak, check out Technoreviews.

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