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Nokia Files Patent For Vibrating Tattoos

Nokia has patented a unique way of letting you know when you're getting a call - via a vibrating tattoo. The Finnish company filed the patent last week, although it is not clear if further research is going to be undertaken.

The tattoo would be made of tiny magnets that receive signals from a paired mobile, which in turn relates the signal, into vibrations. The signals could be customised to create differing vibrations for texts, calls and alerts. Alternatively, the magnets could be inserted under the skin in a minor surgical procedure, or worn in an item of clothing.

The technology could also be used as a replacement for the password. For example, sensitive data on a laptop would only be visible if the tattooed owner is close by. However, there are still a lot of unanswered questions, such as could the tattoo be turned off whilst the wearer is sleeping?

According to mobile industry research firm PMN "once a user becomes accustomed to haptic feedback on a phone or tablet screen, other devices that don't offer it can feel 'dead'". So our mobile phones could literally become a part of us.