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Outlook 15 brings Social Integration, Hotmail, Inline Replies

Microsoft will bring its emailing service to another level in Windows 8. Known as Outlook 15, the software will come with new features like social media integration, touch mode and other improvements.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features in Outlook 15 will be Hotmail and social network integration. Previous Outlook versions require a separate plugin for each service and now Microsoft decided to build them right in the package.

All a user has to do is log in with an account belonging to any social club (Facebook, Twitter, Digg, etc.) and Outlook will open a special user interface where the user can interact with friends. As for Hotmail accounts, they are treated as usual Outlook accounts.

A new "Peek" feature allows making use of a bigger writing area, by letting the user enlarge Outlook components, the Calendar or the People panel, just by moving the cursor over them. Also, Pop-up windows for replies were automatically replaced by Inline replies.

Other notable improvements include a new weather bar seen in the Calendar view, the Contacts module being renamed as People to prepare adaptation for Windows Phone and Outlook can now connect to new calendar types. Of course, Office-wide improvements like Touch mode, a Full-screen button and others will be encountered.

All of these were extracted from a leaked Office 15 build made available to some Microsoft employees a couple of weeks ago, so they may suffer modifications until they hit a final status.

Source: WinSuperSite