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Super Talent Announces RaidDrive PCIe SSD Storage

Super Talent has announced some new enterprise solid state drives that sees SSD capacity jump to two terrabytes by utilising a PCIexpress interface.

Looking somewhat like a bland graphics card, the RaidDrive GS bundles together up to four SSDs on one PCIe board, making for impressive storage space and performance. By not being limited by SATA III specifications, Super Talent claims to have been able to burst read/write speeds of 1400/1200 MBps. This is almost three times that of high end performing SATA III drives available now.

While gamers and fast booters might be salivating at these numbers, Super Talent is aiming this hardware at more of the enterprise end of the market, expecting animators and those searching through large databases to be the most applicable for one of the three new drives.

The other two available are known as RaidDrive II and RaidDrive upStream, which are built in conjunction with LSI and Sandforce and the former of the two allows even more impressive performance. The read/write burst speed for the RDII is a ridiculous 2400/2800 MBps respectively. The upStream is a little more modest at 1000/900 MBps.

The RaidDrive II is certainly the monster of the trio however, available in sizes from 480GB up to 2TB, it has a full 1GB of cache memory and can function in either RAID 0 or 5. The upStream, while the baby in terms of raw numbers, can't handle RAID 5, but it's more than capable of 0, 1 or 1E.

For the full rundown of specs. check out the Super Talent page.

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