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The Sun And Metro: Not Happy With Game Tax Breaks

Two of the UK's red top papers have sounded the alarm, claiming that the tax relief offered to game developers as part of yesterday's budget will in fact rob pensioners.

The Metro's take on things - showing a large GTA-like text that reads "Gran Theft Audo" (get it?) - is that old people will be set to pay a "£3 billion granny tax" while game developers are just swanning around playing games. Of course it fails to mention that with the game industry now bigger than both music and movies combined, it can make massive contributions to the British economy.

The Sun - the same publication that claimed Xbox live was training terrorists - decided to jump on the animation band wagon, aligning itself with a plasticine creative studio Aardman Animations. Its headline reads "The Wrong Trousers," claiming that pensioner's money was being used in the wrong way, safeguarding creative jobs in TV and games. "But at least he's saving Wallace and Gromit."

Kowtowing in this way highlights the hypocrisy in the piece. The publication is glad an animation studio - and by proxy a TV and film development firm - is being saved, but it's annoyed that other media positions are being protected.

As Computer and Video Games points out, the tax breaks to the game industry could help contribute almost £300 million more to the UK economy. What's the problem?

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