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Two Thirds Of Website Owners Have No Idea How They Were Hacked

Having your website hacked is a nasty business. Cleaning the mess up and dealing with loyal visitors who might have been phished or affected by malware left by the hackers isn't the most pleasant of tasks.

It's made worse still when you have no clue how your website was hacked, as you'll certainly be wondering not whether, but perhaps when it'll happen again. It's difficult to take prevention measures if you've no idea what to prevent.

And a surprising number of website owners don't know how their site was hacked, according to a survey jointly conducted by StopBadware and Commtouch, which was reported by ZDNet. The study showed that 63 per cent of owners had no idea how they got hacked.

20 per cent said they were hacked via insecure or out of date software. 12 per cent had their sites comprised due to the machine which was used to update their site getting a malware infection, and 6 per cent had their username/password thieved. 2 per cent were hacked because they used a public computer or wi-fi network.

Half of those questioned admitted to not knowing about the hack at all, until they visited their own page and received a malware warning.

StopBadware Executive Director Maxim Weinstein observed: "There's a lack of clarity for webmasters about who's responsible for site security and where to turn when a website is compromised. Webmasters and the wider Internet community therefore benefit from continual efforts aimed at educating them about their responsibilities and those of their hosting providers."