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YouTube integrates One-Click Video Improving Tool

YouTube, Google's video sharing service, has debuted a "one click fix" tool which can resolve problems like shadowy or dark videos instantly, improving quality of all upcoming videos with ease.

Last year, YouTube launched a video editing system containing features that allow users to give videos a better look, using focus stabilization and colour saturation controls. One of the issues with this tool was its complexity, so developers improved the system by introducing all a one-click form which heals the video of image stabilization and colour correction problems.

From now on, when someone uploads a video on YouTube, the website will check its quality and if adjustments are needed, a notification message will appear. Clicking this notification will produce a preview of the final version so users could decide if they want to accept the edits or not.

A roll-back feature has also been added, allowing those who change up their mind to return on the original copy; YouTube stores both versions now. These improvements don't have to be made on the spot, users are allowed to upload a video and format it later.

The system will be rolling out in the following days and more features were promised to be included in the future.

Support for mobile devices has yet to be added and there was no information regarding existing videos. A simple presentation video was also complied, in which developers explain the advantages of this feature:

Source: YouTubeBlog