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Amazon Partners With Eucalyptus For Private Cloud Support

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the public cloud behemoth, has acknowledged the demand for private clouds and is set to facilitate them in the future.

The private on-premise cloud, behind a firewall which gives an enterprise guaranteed levels of security, is an area which Amazon has previously shied away from, although it isn't providing direct support now. Instead, AWS has partnered with Eucalyptus, an open source private cloud vendor, to deliver support.

The deal means AWS will support the integration of Eucalyptus private cloud deployments with AWS compute and storage services via AWS's APIs.

PC Advisor quoted Terry Wise, director of Amazon Web Services Partner Ecosystem, as stating: "Enterprises can now take advantage of a common set of APIs that work with both AWS and Eucalyptus, enabling the use of scripts and other management tools across both platforms without the need to rewrite or maintain environment-specific versions."

While Eucalyptus already works with connecting private cloud deployments with Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) and Simple Storage Services (S3), the agreement will mean the two companies working closer together in the future to ensure a tighter integration and more effective hybrid cloud model.

This partnership isn't an exclusive one, AWS noted, so further deals with other providers could yet be inked.