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Analysts Claim Xbox 720 Coming End Of 2013

Analysts believe Microsoft's next generation console, the Xbox 720 "Durango" is likely to hit the shelves towards the close of 2013 - in line with a few ITPP predictions.

"Although not yet confirmed by Microsoft, we believe the next generation Xbox console could launch in the fall of 2013," said analyst at Cowan and Company Doug Creutz (posted on Computer and Video Games). That would certainly make sense, as Microsoft has a history of releasing consoles in the close of the year so it can enjoy Christmas sales. The original Xbox was debuted in November 2001 in the US, while the 360 was made available in November 2005.

There have been a couple of pieces here on ITPP that predicted just such a release, so watch this space in about 1.5 years for a few I told ya so moments.

While Microsoft has recently said it won't be showing off any new hardware this year, there is plenty of rumoured information floating around to consider. There's been hints that the Xbox 720 won't include a disk drive, or that it won't support used games. Some have suggested it'll have a swappable solid state storage option and there's been some contention on the internal hardware too.

It was originally thought that Microsoft was planning to use an AMD 6000 series graphics chip, but it's now rumoured that due to the Unreal Engine 4 demo from Epic Games, the software giant will instead be using one from the 7000 series - much more powerful.

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