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Android 4.0 For Galaxy Note In Q2 Of 2012

Convinced that there are more than a few disappointed fans out there waiting for their Galaxy Note devices to finally get updated to the latest Android version, Samsung finally confirmed that the change is coming.

Not right now, but in the following months - expected to be around summer. To ease the disappointment, the South Korean electronics maker announced that the upgrade would come with "premium suite software."

Galaxy Note users will also get exclusive S Pen applications and enhanced multimedia features, along with the Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade. One feature that seems to be worth the wait is the impressive definition given to the S Note as "a unique tool that lets you combine your notes or sketches with other digital content, giving you a new way to create your own stories."

S Note will come in a wide array of templates for tasks like meeting minutes, diary and others. For maths lovers, S Note has some nice treats coming in the form of Shape Match and Formula Match apps.

On the fun side, the upgrade also bring a new Angry Bird experience, with the newest game in the series and its 30 new levels in the "Danger Zone." The ICS upgrade will bring to Samsung Galaxy Note a completely changed user experience and innovations like Face Unlock, Snapshot, Android Beam.

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