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Android SDK and ADT Updated to Revision 17th with New Features

Android Developers updated the SDK and ADT building system, which serves as a platform for all Android applications and operation versions. Known as Revision 17, this update comes with important features like support for x86 architectures (32-bit based processors) and various bug fixes.

These bug fixes mainly target the build system, the emulator as well as Lint, a static checking tool which analyzes projects for security, correctness, performance and other important aspects.

Android SDK and ADT R17 comes with a checking system for Android APIs that require an OS version higher than the minimum supported, over 40 new LINT rules (the full list containing 80 rules can be found here), ability to suppress Lint warnings in both Java and XML modes and also improved HTML and XML reports with Eclipse mode integration.

The build system for Eclipse and Ant has been enhanced with strict dependency support for external .JAR files, custom views and attributes for libraries, a new URI namespace for layouts with custom attributes and perhaps the most notable, a feature that allows running separate parts of code in debug mode.

Other note-worthy add-ons include compatibility for x86 architectures in virtualization modes on Windows and Mac OS X, experimental support for multi-touch panels through a tethered Android device, a new ShareCompat service for transferring content with social sharing applications, integration of Android 3.0's notification system and also, support for GridLayout up to API level 7 or higher.

Source: Android-Developers